Melissa Gorga’s Green Floral Ring Maxi Dress

Real Housewives All Stars Fashion

Whether we’re talking about the brand of Melissa Gorga’s green floral ring maxi dress or how it looks on the model, things aren’t always what they seem. What I mean by this is A) This dress is definitely not by the brand I would have bet my life savings on when asked who designed it 2) It looks like a totally different dress the way it’s styled on the model (A+ to Melissa for knowing the way it looks best, BTW).

And while it’s still going to run you a pretty penny, whether you can afford it or not, I have a feeling my first Style Stealer will have people looking at you and thinking the price of your dress is definitely not what it seems.


The Realest Housewife,

Big Blonde Hair


Melissa Gorga's Green Floral Ring Maxi Dress

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Photo: @MelissaGorga

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