Antioxidants offer the body a number of health-boosting benefits, helping to inflammation, disease, and boosting our immunity. They’re also a miracle worker when it comes to topical skincare, too. While this type of skincare tends to be expensive, we’ve uncovered some of the best antioxidant serums and they’re also all affordably priced. Now, back to laundry list of skin-enhancing benefits antioxidant serums have to offer.

Antioxidants can shield and reverse the damaging effects of smog, the sun, the blue light from your phone screen, and general pollution because they help effectively neutralize free radicals (which cause the signs of premature aging like fine lines, texture and dull tone). An antioxidant serum, like a Vitamin C serum, can also help to stimulate cell turnover, acting as a non-abrasive exfoliant that sloughs away dead skin cells and impurities over time.

As a bonus, when you couple your serum of choice with a solid SPF (applied over top in the morning, for best results) as a barrier for added protection, you have a stellar skincare combo that will help correct existing areas of concerns like sunspots and crow’s feet, as well as giving you protection from the sun’s skin-damaging tendencies. The effective serums highlighted below are also infused with a cocktail of other miracle skincare actives (ranging from hyaluronic acid, ferulic acid, and plant-based stem cells) that will amplify your results and impart a luminous glow.