If you’re like me and plagued by oily skin year-round, you know that keeping grease at bay is not exactly an easy feat. Sure, you can commit to perpetually toting around blotting sheets and finishing powders to touch-up unwanted your “glow” everywhere you go, but frankly, having to pull out a mirror every hour or so just isn’t conducive to living your best life. There’s no shortage of shine-reducing powders and ultra matte foundations that will certainly keep excess oil at bay, but before you become tempted to take your oil-controlling endeavors to the next level and forgo the moisturizing step in your skincare routine altogether, allow me to share this beauty hack that a makeup artist shared with me years ago.

When I asked her for her oily-skincare favorites on a humid day in Wisconsin (when the swampy atmosphere had reached its unbearable peak) she offered a different solution than I’d expected. Instead of suggesting the obvious oil-free moisturizer or matte SPF, she advised that I go a little extra for my nighttime skincare, with a richer moisturizer at night, which she promised would allow me to skip it the next day completely.

You see, neglecting to hydrate your skin completely can actually result in increased oil production because your skin feels compelled to try to compensate for the lack of moisture to keep it balanced. However, it is undeniably true that even using an oil-free SPF or moisturizer during the day can leave you feeling the need to blot just hours after you apply your skincare and/or makeup. One way to make sure your skin stays supple and nourished without risking a slip-and-slide makeup disaster is to use a richer overnight mask while you sleep, as I was advised (yes, this method actually works). This extra delivery of hydration will have you waking up with soft skin that feels plump and makeup-ready without the need to apply additional creams to prep. We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite night-time hydrators to keep oily skin healthy, without risking excess grease the following day.