Ready to Save More Money While Helping to Save the Environment

What 60-plus year old woman doesn’t love saving money? I am first in line for the after Christmas sales. Clearance sales? I am there. It really bothers me when I have to pay full price for anything. Where am I going with this?

The Problem of Plastic

Most people know by
now that plastic is a problem. We have had to move from throwing away plastic
water bottles to reusable water bottles which also happens to save us money.

Plastic straws have been outlawed in some places along with plastic grocery bags. You need to bring your own bag to shop or you will have nothing to put your purchases into to carry them home.

One of the items I
have heard very little about is sandwich bags, also known as Ziploc bags here
in the US. We still buy them, and we still throw them away. Perhaps there is a better

An Alternative for Food Storage

I am a Prime Member
with Amazon, and as such I get regular suggestions for purchases. One of my
recent suggestions was Eco-Friendly Food Grade Silicone Storage bags. Why had I
not thought of this before?

I use silicone
containers and utensils. I have a lot of silicone items in my kitchen. Little
did I know that there are many types of silicone food storage bags to choose

I decided to begin
ordering different types from different manufacturers to see for myself if any
of them would work for my purposes. I do use Ziploc bags to store food, but I
also use them to store many other things.

I store my
toiletries in them when I travel. I store craft items in them. There are so
many things I use them for it’s impossible to list them all.

Silicone vs. Plastic Bags

What I found is that the silicone storage bags are thicker than a Ziploc. No bad thing. The silicone bags are still pliable.

They come in the
same configuration as a Ziploc, but some bags form a flat bottom for storing
things you do not want to be squished. They sit upright like a flat bottom
paper bag would. Very useful. You can buy the bags with different colors on the
Ziploc piece.

Reusable = Less Money Spent

The point here is
simply that we can still enjoy the convenience of Ziploc bags without polluting
our environment. The bonus is that you are also saving money because you are
not throwing them away after only a few uses.

I have only begun
my journey into exploring the many silicone options available. If you are like
me, then you like saving money and the environment at the same time. Go check
out silicone bags for yourself and see if they will work for you.

How do you help
save the environment while also keeping your pockets full? Do you shop with
your own fabric bags? How much money do you think you have saved in the past
year just from going with less plastic in your life? Please share in the
comments below.