When it comes to hair regrowth, shoppers flock to biotin-rich shampoos and conditioners to help build fuller and more voluminous locks. There are dozens and dozens of brands that tout life-changing results from their products, but it seems only one has caught the eye of Amazon shoppers: Honeydew’s biotin shampoo.

The $10 hair product has garnered more than 20,000 perfect ratings and somehow has maintained a solid 4.3-star rating. Shoppers have gone so far as calling it a “miracle shampoo.” One reviewer wrote that it stopped their locks from falling out during showers after just one use.

“It has now been less than two weeks, I’ve used it like three or four times, and I have new hair sprouting like new grass in my thinning spots,” the shopper wrote. “Anyone who is on the fence as to whether they should try this shampoo should! I’m almost laughing. I have baby little blonde hairs sprouting up this fast. And my hair, how it feels and smells, it’s unbelievably fabulous.”

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Honeydew Biotin Hair Shampoo for Thinning Hair

Courtesy: Honeydew.

Biotin, a B-vitamin in foods beloved for their healthy and enriching fats like salmon, sweet potatoes, and eggs, is just one of the mighty ingredients in this shampoo. Other hero additions include zinc and keratin. According to Healthline, zinc “helps keep the oil glands around the follicles working properly,” thus helps hair tissue regrowth and repair. And, of course, the keratin protein is known for smoothing out and conditioning hair. Think about it: the smoother locks you have, the less tangles you get, and the less breakage you’ll experience trying to get those straightened out.

Thousands of shoppers with different hair textures and concerns swear by Honeydew’s shampoo. In the reviews, it’s easy to spot people commenting about how transformed their colored hair, dried-out hair, or curly hair is after each use. (It’s important to note that there are no concrete studies regarding biotin and its ability to regrow and restore hair—there’s only anecdotal evidence from shoppers who swear by the vitamin-rich products in which it’s in.)

One shopper, who identified as an African-American woman with 4C hair, wrote that she “used this shampoo for the first time yesterday, and my hair and scalp feels amazing.” They continued saying that, aside from the sections of severely heat-damaged locks, “this shampoo saved the rest of my hair.”

Another added to all of the acclaim, writing that the shampoo resulted in “thicker, fuller, better looking hair within 1-2 weeks” of use. To get the best out of every bottle, lather a quarter-sized amount into your wet locks. The brand recommends leaving it in for up to three minutes so that it can fully absorb, then rinse it out. If only everything in life was this easy.