Stephanie Hollman’s Cowboy Boots

Real Housewives of Dallas Season 5 Episode 7 Fashion

Stephanie Hollman is trading in her snow boots for her denim cowboy boots tonight. She and the Dallas crew are rocking their way to Austin. It will be nice to see Austin up and running again even if it is through the TV screen. I promise to only be a little bitter about it.

I actually have yet to buy a pair of cowboy boots since moving here, but after seeing this pic I think it’s time for me to start walkin‘ to the store to get a pair, and of course a denim top to match. So when the time comes for this weather to wrap it up I’ll save a horse and ride an Uber to the Austin night life that I know and love.


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Stephanie Hollman's Cowboy Boots

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Photo: @stephhollman

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