Now that it’s been weeks since you’ve been able to hit the salon, you might be feeling a little withdraw. (And don’t even get me started on nails.) Even we’re not going anywhere, watching our color fade and our roots grow in right before our eyes can be a little painful. If you’re blonde though, dark roots can look cool as hell and add edge to your overall look We rounded up some of the best dark roots and blonde hair photos to make you feel a little better about your regrowth. And hey, you might even love the results.

These celebrities have access to the best glam squads in the world, with a colorist on speed dial. But they still rock dark roots because it just looks cool. Plus, they don’t need to sit in a salon chair for hours. Shadow roots, when a colorist leaves the roots untouched and blends the color with the rest of the hair, is a more low-maintenance way to try blonde hair. The upkeep is way less time-consuming and the finished product looks a lot more natural.

While you’re home wishing you could hit up your colorist, take inspiration from Dua Lipa, Magot Robbie and Kim Kardashian and just let those roots live. This is the time to baby your hair so pop on a hair mask and let its strengthening and hydrating properties repair your blonde hair so when it’s time to go out, you’re ready.

dua lipa dark roots blonde hair


Dua Lipa

The pop star’s two-toned hair has that early-2000s trend going and when her roots grow in, it just adds to the look.

margot robbie dark roots blonde hair


Margot Robbie

The actress is known for having shadow roots, which helps keep her blonde hair from washing her out.

beyonce dark roots blonde hair



When Beyoncé goes ultra-blonde, she usually keeps her roots dark for a natural look.

kim kardashian dark roots blonde hair


Kim Kardashian

Kardashian has said she loved being platinum but the monthly upkeep was seriously damaging to her hair. Still, a little root looks great on her.

katy perry dark roots blonde hair


Katy Perry

You might be nervous about wearing your hair pulled back when your roots are growing up but you can see how clean and nice it looks on Perry.

ciara dark roots blonde hair



We love Ciara’s dark roots with her golden blonde hair.

kylie jenner dark roots blonde hair


Kylie Jenner

Jenner is taking after her big sister with ultra-blonde hair and naturally dark roots.

sofia richie dark roots blonde hair


Sofia Richie

Richie’s blonde looks bright and healthy against her shadow roots.

selena gomez dark roots blonde hair


Selena Gomez

With dark full brows and heavy roots, Gomez’s blonde ‘do has a ’90s rock-and-roll vibe.

Ashley Benson dark roots blonde hair


Ashley Benson

The actress’ roots are a bit more subtle since she has naturally light brown hair, but still just as cool.

hailey bieber dark roots blonde hair


Hailey Bieber

Mrs. Bieber pulled two front pieces down (the early aughts are really back, people) to brighten up her face and distract from her roots.