Sutton Stracke’s Green Square Sunglasses

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 11 Episode 4 Fashion

Lately, I have been reallllly into bold and oversized sunglasses. So when Sutton Stracke walked up wearing her green square sunglasses I was sold. The bigger sunglasses IMO are the best for days when you’re not on your A game. I just feel like they hide all of your problems. And by problems I mean a little blemish or feeling puffier than normal (just some of my many). All you have to do is just throw on a nice big pair of sunglasses and voilà, you’d never suspect a thing. Even if you are on your A game they simply just enhance your outfit making you an A+.

Though for Sutton the only problem she may be trying to disguise with her very chic sunglasses, is her possible tears. So when the purple facial roller isn’t there for you in the time of need, the green square sunglasses are.


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Sutton Stracke's Green Square Sunglasses

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