Self tanning and in-salon spray tans can make all the difference in your overall look. Aside from the obvious bronze-boosting effect, they can also conceal bruises and body blemishes and help you appear more toned. Unfortunately, they’re not exactly fool-proof—in fact fake tanning is one of the riskiest things to attempt when it comes to beauty—even if you’re getting one applied by a professional. Fortunately, using a good body scrub to remove a bad fake tan, can be a major life saver when it comes to intentionally fading a sunless-glow gone wrong.

Now, you don’t want to use a gritty body scrub to remove self tanner fails on your face, as most formulas are infused with micro-beads to help manually exfoliate, and therefore slough away the orange streaks. These textured beads are generally fine for the body, but they can be overly aggressive on delicate skin on your face, so it’s best to opt for other removal methods or chemical exfoliants, like glycolic acid toners and at-home chemical peels. Body scrubs not only function as a remedy for self-tanner removal, but they also offer a slew of other skin-enhancing benefits too. Aside from exfoliating away dead skin, dirt and grime, they also help boost circulation, and some formulas (usually those that contain coffee or caffeine) even deliver temporary cellulite-blurring properties. So, before you go scour the web, Reddit, and Pinterest for out-of-the-box DIY solutions (I’ve seen toxic nail polish remover listed as a hack—yikes) or consult your friends in an obnoxious group text seeking advice, try a body scrub to help expedite the fading process.