Setting and finishing powders are an essential post-foundation makeup step that ensures your complexion will be grease-free, stay put all day. Setting powders also help to provide a smooth canvas for your other complexion products to be applied on top, including contour powder, blush, and highlighter and can blur the appearance of fine lines, texture, and enlarged pores. Unfortunately, not all of these powders are created equally. While a solid setting powder will leave your skin feeling velvety-smooth and natural, the wrong one can leave you looking chalky, cake-y, and ghostly (especially if you’re a fan of baking).

The best formulas will are typically super finely-milled in texture, and will offer oil control without leaving the skin looking parched and textured. Finishing powders will set your base and give the skin an Instagram filter-mimicking soft-focus finish. Makeup artists also love to use setting powders on models and celebrities because of its ability to glide smoothly over the skin for a Facetune-like finish. However, if you’re going to be at an event with flash photography, you’ll want to opt for a tinted formula rather than a white one if you want to avoid a Casper-esque effect from the camera flashback. Ahead, we’ve rounded up a few of our favorite affordable setting powders for a smooth and pore-free canvas.