Peppermint oil is one of the most common essential oils, used for a variety of different reasons, from detracting rodents, cleaning furniture, and as of recently, for potentially accelerating hair growth. Peppermint hair growth products are on the rise as of late, and like many hair care trends, it can be difficult to discern whether such solutions are purely a gimmick or actually work as promised. Peppermint boasts menthol, which offers a wide range of benefits for hair, skin and scalp—it’s antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and it’s also a natural vasodilator (a.k.a it boosts blood flow and stimulates circulation by opening up vessels), making it a great agent for not only hair growth, split ends and breakage, but also a number of scalp-related issues as well.

While there isn’t a ton of research examining the link between peppermint oil and hair growth, there have been a few studies with convincing results showing a positive connection between topical peppermint oil use and increased dermal and follicle thickness. Aside from the potential of accelerating hair re-growth, it’s also a great natural cleanser for removing product buildup (which clogs hair follicles and slows down the growth process significantly) and it smells fresh and clean—even when you’ve pushed back your scheduled shampooing one too many days.

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