Only have five minutes to spare on makeup in the morning? We can work with that. Believe it or not, whether your style is minimalist chic or bold and beautiful, you can achieve your ideal eye look even when you’re in a serious time crunch. Remember, less is more, and with the right black mascara, you won’t need eyeshadow to make a statement.

It always comes back to the basics, right? Yet somehow, black mascara is one of the most underrated staple beauty products in virtually every collection. Adjectives like voluminous, lengthening, luscious, conditioning and lasting aren’t being splashed across packaging as a marketing ploy, friends. They describe the magic powers surging through these wands and onto your lashes. And while mascara comes in a variety of colors — from striking blues to crimson reds and even glitter shades — black mascara is a staple for every collection. Shop our favorite formulas below.