While often overlooked in jam-packed vanity drawers, neutral, nude, and flesh-hued eyeliners are the multitasking beauty products that low-maintenance makeup dreams are made of. Using a stark white liner can be a great way to enhance your eyes, making them look larger and giving your look a slightly modish feel, but it’s more of a look as opposed to a subtle, barely-noticeable beauty optical illusion.

Opting for a shade that’s a shade or two lighter than your natural skin tone allows you to not only perk up tired peepers instant (all the while making them look bigger), but they also serve a wide variety of “off-label” purposes as well.

Given the skin-tone-hued shade, nude eyeliners can also double as miniature stick concealers, giving the utmost precision when trying to cover up a small spot or blemish, or adding multiple layers under the eyes for a brightening effect. But that’s not it: you can also use nude eyeliner to clean up a messy wing eyeliner line, hide over-grown brow hairs, and overline your lips without it looking super obvious.

Basically, the possibilities with this underrated pencil shade are endless, and if you’re ready to add one to your current lineup, we’ve rounded up some of our favorites below for your consideration.