Whether you’re a fuss-free minimalist or simply don’t have the time to forgo an extra hour of sleep and accommodate a lengthy regimen, multitaskers like makeup products with primer are a godsend. More often than not, they perform as well as using two separate products would. Besides, let’s face it: even if you do happen to find your lengthy beauty process both meditative and fun, who doesn’t love being able to save a little time without compromising the outcome of your elaborate efforts?

While 2-in-1 beauty products are certainly nothing new, especially when it comes to coverage creams, we’re also starting to see new powders and foundations infused with primer so you can skip the somewhat contested extra step. These primer additives work similarly to traditional primers, helping to extend the wear time of the product, blur texture and fill in enlarged pores.

Because some primers can be problematic for those with sensitive and acne-prone skin, these built-in innovations may offer a good alternative to layering on an additional product underneath your makeup. This emerging trend is gaining momentum at the moment, and we’re staying on the pulse with new drops of this time-saving category. In the meantime, here are our current favorites.