If you shave your legs, armpits, bikini line and/or wherever else you please, you know that spending a couple extra bucks to find the best razor designed for women that won’t rust after just one use or leave you with a “nick” that looks more like an open wound rather than a superficial cut is totally worth it. This is especially the case if you’re too low-maintenance (or like me, downright too lazy) to commit to monthly waxing appointments to groom the well, the more “intimate” areas of the body. While I shamelessly tend to forgo shaving my legs, armpits, having a quality razor in my arsenal to help keep me smooth and razor-bump-free has become a top priority for my grooming routine.

I admit to only pulling out the razor when I plan on wearing something thigh-grazing, putting on a bikini, or have a date planned. As of late, I’ve become enchanted with the skin-enhancing benefits of shaving my face. Yes, it may sound odd, but just like dermaplaning, shaving my face not only gets rid of my unwanted “mustache” and all-over peach fuzz that is becomes blindingly obvious in golden-hour lighting, but it also doubles as a gentle exfoliant, sloughing away dead skin almost as effectively as my favorite retinol products.

Naturally, I certainly do not want to use any old disposable razor on my delicate skin, so opting for one that’s effective but gentle is paramount. While I definitely don’t recommend using the same razor for your body and face (if you choose to use a razor at all, that is), I’ve rounded up some solid razors that are sharp enough to give you a summer-ready close shave, but gentle enough to use on your face, bikini area, and even your toes.