Witch hazel might sound like a weird natural remedy, which is totally correct. The leaves of these small flowering trees have been used for centuries. Witch hazel is known to be an astringent—that means it shrinks body tissues, in this case, your skin. It sponges up the oil on your skin, along with dead skin cells, and clears it away. It’s no wonder that this natural ingredient is having a big moment in skincare. If you are having trouble evening out your skin tone, you should definitely reach for a witch hazel toner. We rounded up the best witch hazel toners on Amazon.

It’ll cleanse your pores, even after you’ve done your face wash. Witch hazel targets particles that you might have missed while you were cleansing (don’t worry, it happens to the best of us). It’ll reduce redness and inflammation, too, which is great news if you have sensitive skin. This ingredient sure does a whole lot of heavy lifting. If you want tighter pores, they need to be clear of dead skin, leftover makeup and other toxins first. Otherwise, you’ll just break out.

To use this toner, apply a little bit of it to a cotton pad or ball and rub it on your skin after cleansing. Just use the toner once to start to see how your skin reacts, but you can use it as many as two times a day if you find that it’s really rebalancing your skin.

Check out our picks below.