Tracy Tutor’s Black Satin and Lace Cami

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It’s Monday, and all I can say it that it’s good to be Tracy Tutor right now.  Our favorite Million Dollar lister is currently the author best selling book on Amazon (even in presale!), enjoying life with her new man on vacay, closing deals on MDLLA and rocking this sexy black satin and lace cami while showing off her new long locks.

I don’t often order and pay out of my own actual bank account for a Bravoleb book—Erika Girardi’s Pretty Mess excluded—but you’d better believe I’m expecting my copy of Tracy Tutor’s Fear is Just a Four Letter Word in just about three days. While Tracy is a fashion favorite of mine, a lot of what makes her so appealing to me as an entrepreneur is that she is a total boss. I really respect her a business person after watching her negotiate and hang with the boys on MDLLA and I’m always looking for tips on how to negotiate and deal with a-hole men without yelling. So while I may not be first in line to take many Bravolebs business advice over their fashion advice, there’s a first time for everything.

Okay you caught me. I’ll probably just buy both.


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Tracy Tutor's Black Satin and Lace Cami

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