When we talk about how celebrities look on the red carpet, we really have no idea what it took to get them there. Sure, we might see a quick BTS snap but what happens hours before? How do they decide what to wear? Hailey Bieber’s new Get Ready With Me video shows exactly that and more. It’s part of her YouTube series, produced by OBB Pictures, which just surpassed one million subscribers.

Bieber begins the video by introducing her glam squad: makeup artist Denika Bedrossian, stylist Maeve Reilly and hairstylist Jen Atkin. The trio talks about how they work together to plan Bieber’s look, each taking turns to have a big moment. If Bieber has head-turning hair, makeup and wardrobe, it might be a little overwhelming. Of course, she has a say in her own look, too.

“When Hailey’s going to an event, a lot of the time she has an idea of what she wants to wear,” says Reilly. “I’ll go off and do my job and bring all these dresses and then she’s going to choose which she prefers.” Atkin then shows a laid-back hairstyle idea, while Bedrossian gives Bieber a few options on makeup. Since often they have to work on the fly or at the last minute, Atkin has an idea for them all to finish the look in 30 minutes or less.

“I definitely will say I’ve had times where I’ll be in hair and makeup where so many people are touching me at once that I get really really overwhelmed and it starts to give me bad anxiety,” admits Bieber with just over three minutes left on the clock.

“One of the things I learned as a stylist is to really actually step out of glam unless your client wants you there to like chat or whatever,” adds Reilly. “Like she said it can be really overwhelming in a small space and so like I’m not needed so just you know let them do their thing.”

Watch the entire process and see the ultra-glam finished product, above.

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