There’s something about being inside for months, having the privilege to stay safe at home, that could be making you nitpick at things. As for me, my apartment is annoying me, my grown-out roots are annoying me and my split ends are driving me crazy. And let’s not even talk about my eyebrows. So far, I’ve worked hard to put down the scissors. Celebrities are feeling it, too. For example, Uma Thurman gave her daughter Maya Hawke a haircut at home and while that seems pretty brave on Hawke’s side, when your mom is UMA THURMAN you’re probably in pretty great hands.

Hawke, whose dad is Ethan Hawke, made her big on-screen debut in the third season of Stranger Things. She quickly became an It-girl when it comes to her style and beauty looks. Her medium-brown hair is often styled in a long bob with chunky bangs. While hanging at home though, it looks like Hawke wanted to go even shorter with her bob. Who better to emulate than the iconic Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction, who happens to be your mom?

It’s hard to tell in the below photo but it looks like Thurman is cutting Hawke’s hair into a short blunt bob à la her ’90s character. “Home hair cuts bring us back home. We are all finding our selves again,” Thurman wrote on Instagram.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

I cannot wait to see the finished product and hope they really went for it with blunt bangs are well.

Pulp Fiction GIF


A girl can dream

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