What Does It Take to Stay Healthy in your ThirdThird

There is
so much to life and health at any age. It’s not just about our weight or diet
or exercise routine. We are much more complex and deeper than that. Staying
healthy is broad and deep. Since I am intentionally making my ThirdThird (ages 60–90) the BEST Third of my life, I think about how to stay healthy.

Emotionally Healthy

I see in
google that, “People who are emotionally
 are in control of their thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.
They are able to cope with life’s challenges. They can keep problems in
perspective and bounce back from setbacks.”

I think that is not a bad description. In my late 60s, I find
that I am able to put problems in perspective since I lived through a lot of
challenges. Setbacks are not devastating as I’ve made it through plenty of
them. I’ve had lots of practice controlling myself, so that, too, is not a huge

But it still needs to be a conscious decision to stay
emotionally healthy. Sharing my burden is healthy… with a trusted and empathetic
friend. Journaling to get my real feelings on paper is cathartic. Going on long
walks alone gives me balance and time to process. Emotional health takes work. It
is worth the effort.

Physically Healthy

No way
around it. To stay fit physically, you have to move. Daily. It takes commitment
and resolve. But it is worth it if staying mobile and independent is a goal.

the activity that will get done regularly is the biggest hurdle. My husband
runs and I thought that sounded fun… until I tried it. Not for me. Walking is
my preferred pace.

I like
classes like yoga. Lately, I’ve had a partner to work out with. She is younger
and more fit than me. We have fun conversations and keep up on each other’s
lives by meeting three times a week to work on balance and core strength. If
one of us is unable, there is complete grace to miss. The commitment keeps us
regular, even if we miss a day or two.

Mentally/Intellectually Healthy

I have a client
who says her mother is “of an age that she is not good with technology.” Hmmm. The
woman is several years my junior. Her mother retired and now does very little
outside of her own home. From my perspective, she is missing out on so much!

If staying
mentally and intellectually healthy is a goal, it doesn’t have to take much in
terms of time or money. Sure, you can take a class or enroll back in school
(good ideas for many), but it can also be as simple as keeping a crossword
puzzle book in the bathroom or finding a podcast to listen to that will spark
your curiosity.

puzzles, magazines, blogs, etc. all
can give you something to talk about when you have lunch with your friends. Stay
curious by checking Google.com if you don’t know what something means or how to
find something.

Spiritually Healthy

There is deep,
spiritual, soulful part in each of us. Nourishing that spirit part is the key
to staying healthy in all other realms. I have my own persuasion of spiritual
belief that is solid and gives me peace.

And I have
grown into an understanding that spirituality is personal and has many shades
of color… definitely not as black and white as I was taught for many years. To
continue searching and learning spiritually keeps me emotionally and mentally
healthy as well.

health takes some time. Quiet time. Reading time. Thoughtful time. Alone time. Time
that will have to be intentionally set aside to stay healthy.

Socially Healthy

In virtually every list I have read
or heard on staying fit and active in the ThirdThird
(ages 60-90), having good relationships is right up there in the top three
most important. Lunch connections or coffee dates don’t happen without a bit of
planning since my schedule is less “set” than it once was, so I have to think
about this.

Volunteering is a great way to be
socially healthy, I find. I have met a number of really interesting people over
the past two years as a result of running a Food as Medicine program at a local
community health center. One or two of those people are now friends I seek out
at other times.

Hosting a breeding Mom for Leader Dogs for the Blind is broadening me socially. All of a
sudden, I can talk “dog” and have a new conversation topic.

To be intentional social, I am
planning a few “conversation events.” A few friends, a general topic,
interesting conversation. No big event for entertainment, but hospitality with
a purpose.

Staying healthy is not going to
happen by chance. It will take a decision to make it a priority and then will
take determination to keep it going. It is many-faceted and worth working on.

What are you doing to stay healthy
in all aspects of your person? How do you stay fit and active into your 60s and
beyond? Please share any tips that you have found helpful in your aging well