We’re used to seeing hair transformations, especially during this time of staying at home, but Cardi B’s back tattoo is a bit of a body transformation. She posted a video to Instagram showing off the colorful artwork over the long holiday weekend. “Okay guys! Soooo here it is! It took me several months but I’m finally finished,” she wrote in the caption. “This is my back tattoo! It goes from the top of my back to the middle of my thigh.” She thanked SoCal-based artist Jamie Schene in the post.

According to Schene, the ultra-colorful, huge tattoo took more than 60 hours in more than 10 cities. “It was an awesome project and a crazy experience,” he wrote on Instagram. “Thanks for the dedication, strength, and hospitality.” You can see the bright orange, purple, blue and red flowers. They’re so vibrant, they look like they almost glow. The detail of the tattoo is incredible. The butterflies scattered throughout the flowers look lifelike.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Cardi continued to show off the ink all weekend, including while wearing a neon green Fashionnova floss bikini. (She’s a spokesperson for the brand.) Fans are obsessed with the look. Musician Mariah the Scientist proclaimed “that tattoo so fye” and others commented on how she’s matching her hair to her purse. It’s true. Her blue wig perfectly matches her cobalt Hermès Birkin bag. There’s no doubt Cardi did this on purpose. She wore a pink wig with a lavender bikini on Monday. The girl knows how to accessorize.

We can’t wait to see how else she shows off the new ink.

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