We all have fears that stop us from thinking about the really important things.

Personally, I think that we should be contemplating bigger issues so that we can make informed decisions. Only then can we take action to make the world better. We are not just lumps on the logs of life. We are sentient beings.

So, perhaps we should think about getting out of our comfort zone. Is it time to take some risks, make glorious mistakes and take plenty of leaps of faith?

The comfort zone is where exceptionalism is minimized. The comfort zone allows daily life to function at the lowest common denominator. However, we don’t always realize just how much we give up for the sake of comfort.

In an effort to minimize our greatest fears, we can be sacrificing our heart’s deepest desires. In the name of comfort, we can and will sacrifice potential.

Tony Robbins says (paraphrasing), “The dance of life happens between our greatest fears and our greatest potential.” This translates into “Life happens outside your comfort zone.”

This sounds good in theory, but how do we move through our fears to break free of limitations and embrace our true potential?

Here is my list of the top 10 things I think that we don’t think enough about.

  1. Why do we not value kindness as a core human value?
  2. What is the real role of government in the lives of its citizens?
  3. Why do women over 60 feel invisible?
  4. Why do we often distrust people of a different nationality?
  5. Why are many countries still experiencing systemic unemployment?
  6. Why don’t we restructure educational systems to reflect realities of the 21st century?
  7. Why do people feel the need to convince others of their beliefs?
  8. Why do we not prioritize sustainability in our lifestyles?
  9. Why do many older women prefer to live alone?
  10. What motivates us to immediately pull out our smartphones when sitting anywhere?

You Have to Step Out of Your Comfort Zone to Maximize Your Potential

One of the ideas I talk about in my motivational speeches is the concept of maximizing your potential. It’s too simple to say that we are mostly lazy thinkers. There is more to our nature than saying, “I want to stay in my comfort zone because it’s nice there.”

Of course, maximizing your potential takes effort and resourcefulness. It takes the ability to view your limiting beliefs with distance and honesty. It takes getting rid of the overpowering ego and putting it in its proper place.

There is a basic human struggle between ego and potential. You can only win with potential by being mindfully aware of everything that surrounds your life. You have to ask the deep questions. Everything that is inside of you – emotionally, spiritually, physically, and psychologically is connected.

It is fear that makes up the boundaries of your life. Don’t you think it’s time to stretch your mind? I’m sure you have things you don’t like to think about because they frighten you. Perhaps if we share them, we can get stronger together.

What Do You Think?

Let us hear from you about your struggles to be brave, get motivated and out of your comfort zone. What are the top ten things you don’t think about? Why do you think asking the tough questions is so, well… tough? What fears create boundaries in your life?