Why Guest Blogging Can Be an Exciting Post-Career Activity

If you
like to write but do not want the obligation of running your own site, guest
blogging may be a good outlet for you. You choose the topic, do the research,
and create your post.

If you are
over 60 and have many a lazy afternoon, you may choose to share your musings,
tips, and professional experience with readers who will benefit from them.

Many sites
welcome guest writers, and although you often will not be paid, for many of us
having our work published is payment enough.

What Makes Blog Writing Different?

blog posts is different from other types of prose for several reasons. First,
the tone is far less formal. Although sentence structure, grammar, and general
mechanics must adhere to the rules of proper English, the style can be more

are on a site for a specific reason, and, as a blogger, you must provide the
information that is being sought. Narrowing the focus, providing value for the
time that the reader is spending on the page, and giving solid and timely tips
and information are all crucial. The successful blog writer provides all of

way that blog writing is unique is that it tends to be written in smaller
bites, easily digestible for the reader. Headings, lists, a variety of fonts,
and even color are a few of the ways that a blog will hold the reader’s

A final
way that blogging is different is that it adheres to strict word count
guidelines. If posts are to be in the 500-word range, you cannot carry on for a
thousand words. There is no room for pontificating or lengthy descriptions. Just
make the point, then move on.

How Is Blog Writing Similar to Other Types of Writing?

While blog
writing varies from other types of writing, it is similar in many ways. As in
all writing, the blogger must choose a topic and stick to it. It is
inappropriate to drift from the subject at hand, especially given the limited
word count.

Like all
writers, a blogger must hold the reader’s interest. If the writing is not
engaging, the audience will be lost.

Voice must
be consistent. If you like to write with a humorous voice, that must be the way
you always write. Your readers will come to expect it, and you cannot
disappoint if you want them to return to your blog eager for more. Similarly,
if you are a serious writer with a matter-of-fact voice, that’s what your followers
would want.

In all
informational writing, the reader wants facts. Hence, make sure that your
writing is based on research and not just culled from all that is printed on
the ‘net. Readers will want to be able to rely on the verity of the post and
its author. Additionally, it never hurts to include your sources as a

Are You Ready to Become a Blogger?

Writing for a blog is not difficult, and if you wish to give it a try, there are many sites that welcome guest bloggers. It is a good idea to read a few posts from the sites to which you wish to submit your writing – to get a feel for the type of articles that the publisher might expect. Then, go for it!

You might
be thrilled to see your words in print and know that you have a potential
audience of millions. Blogging is exciting and rewarding, and there is nothing
to stop you from jumping into this creative wonderland. Give it a try!

What is your area of expertise? Would you like to write about it? Have you? Do you think that blogging is similar to keeping a journal? Please share your thoughts and observations with our community!