Brielle Biermann’s Chanel Blotting Pads on Instastories

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Brielle Biermann’s Chanel (yes you read that right…Chanel) blotting pads that she showed off to us on her Instastories the other day are the perfect example of something completely and utterly unnecessary that we didn’t know we needed until now. I mean sure they may cost around seven times the amount of regular, non-luxury brand blotting pads that you can buy at the drugstore, however in our opinion they’re still totally worth the splurge considering a) they come in a very convenient case with a built-in mirror that can be reused afterwards, b) there’s a total of 150 pads in each pack which is more than the average pack and c) the most important point of all (obviously), the Chanel logo is all over them. Meaning that there’s now a way for us to blot our greasy face oil in public that’s considered completely socially acceptable; well in our (little Chanel blotting pad) books anyway. 



Brielle Biermann’s Chanel Blotting Pads

Brielle Biermann’s Chanel Blotting Pads

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