We’re used to seeing Cardi B totally glam wearing all different colors of wigs in various lengths and textures. Lately, she loves ultra-straight styles all the way down to her waist. But that’s not the hair that’s making headlines today. It’s actually Cardi B’s hair mask for natural hair that has everyone talking. The rapper showed off her texture on Instagram while showing us how she makes a DIY hair mask for healthy strands for both herself and her daughter.

“So this is really how my hair is. My hair gets like this when you blow dry it and two days later it just gets puff up like this,” Cardi says on Instagram stories. “This is my hair texture. It’s not curly. My daughter’s hair is curly…but my shit just don’t get curly at all. It’s straight like this but I still needed moisture. This is a good hair mask to help your hair grow. All the good things you put in your body, you’re going to put in your hair.”

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

She then proceeds to make a mask for her and Kulture out of avocado, castor oil, olive oil, eggs, honey and a banana. She puts it all into the blender so there are no “avocado chunks” in your hair. She applies it to her and her daughter’s hair.

cardi b hair mask

Image: Instagram.

The results are seriously impressive. Look at that shine! All the dryness and frizz are gone. And this is just one treatment.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

It looks like Cardi is going to be the next big beauty blogger. We’ll be watching.

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