You might be able to do your seven-step skincare routine in your sleep, but have you given any TLC to the rest of the skin on your body lately? Your face may be glowing and nearly pore-less, but the dry, cracked skin on your elbows might be screaming out for help. Treat your parched and scaly skin to one of the best sugar body scrubs. You might hesitate when you hear the word “scrub,” especially if you have sensitive skin, but don’t worry. Unlike other exfoliating scrubs, this one won’t totally dry out your skin and leave it worse off than before. The sugar, which is much gentler than salt, is combined with oil to slough off dead dull skin cells and moisturize your healthy skin underneath at the same time. 

It’s basically a 2-in-1 skincare product that you bring into the shower with you. You accomplish two tasks at once. You just gently massage it into your skin when you shower and rinse it off. It’s that easy. These body scrubs are must-haves. They’ll make your after-shower moisturizing that much more effective. We rounded up the top sugar body scrubs for you. You can even use a few of them on your face and lips—talk about a versatile product.

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Courtesy of Dermelect.

Dermelect All-Aglow All Over Scrub

This multifunctional scrub can — as its name suggests — be used anywhere you need some extra exfoliation: hands, lips, back, and more. Best of all now, not only does it function is a gentle physical exfoliant, but it’s also infused with a slew of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients to help calm the skin and reduce irritation.

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Scrub Tropical Mango

Courtesy of Tree Hut.

Tree Hut Sugar & Shae Butter Scrub

Made out of shea butter and a mix of seed and fruit oils, this is definitely a popular sugar scrub. You rub it on your skin as you shower and it both softens and moisturizes your skin, while hitting you with a beautiful aroma. It’s a great exfoliator and removes dead skin. There are four different varieties of sugar scrub, including Tropical Mango, Pear & Chia, Mocha & Coffee Bean and Amazon Pequi.

Buy: Tree Hut Scrub $6.48

Brooklyn Botany Brown Sugar Body Scrub

Courtesy of Brooklyn Botany.

Brooklyn Botany Body Scrub

The exfoliating scrub will remove any dead skin and moisturize the healthy, elastic skin underneath. Designed for sensitive skin, the scrub gives you a gentle treatment that won’t leave your skin feeling dried out. This scrub isn’t just for your body either. You can also use it on your face and feet. It can even be a lip scrub in a pinch. You’ll feel like you just stepped out of a spa treatment.

Buy: Brooklyn Botany Scrub $14.95

M3 Naturals Brown Sugar Scrub

Courtesy of M3 Naturals.

M3 Naturals Brown Sugar Scrub

This brown sugar scrub has a few extra secret weapons baked in—collagen and stem cells. This antioxidant-rich scrub gives you healthier, more elastic skin while also getting rid of toxins. Your skin will look younger and more supple after a good scrub because it’s moisturizing. In addition to getting rid of blackheads, the face and body scrub can also reduce the size of your pores.

Buy: M3 Naturals Scrub $27

Bella and Bear Goddess Sugar Scrub

Courtesy of Bella and Bear.

Bella & Bear Goddess Body Scrub

If you’re struggling with keratosis or super dry scale-y skin, you should check out this powerful body scrub. It’ll help soften your skin, while sloughing away dead skin cells. The scrub will keep your brighter skin, while preventing in-grown hairs. Plus, this scrub only has a slight but enjoyable smell, so it won’t overwhelm you while you’re showering.

Buy: Bella & Bear Scrub $8.99