Virtual dating

We’ve been in this pandemic now for close to a year, which means if you’re single, you’ve probably been alone every night binging on Neflix. That can start feeling pretty lonely, right?

You’d love someone to share the long nights with, but you’re not sure just how to do that in a pandemic where full and partial lockdowns are happening everywhere. You might even think finding love in these times is impossible. I disagree!

Pandemic Dating?

I think you still can date but not in the conventional way you’re used to. We all need to do social distancing and wear masks to stay safe during these uncertain times. But that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your dream of finding the right man to share your heart and life with.

You can still go online to meet men. Remember, online dating sites have the largest number of registered single men, and men – just like you – are tired of being alone and want to meet a wonderful woman to share their life with.

Go Virtual!

So how do you make this work? Well, here’s the secret for finding love during a pandemic. You want to virtually date. What does this mean? You meet a man you like online and the two of you schedule a virtual date.

The options are many. You can do a coffee meet and greet where you meet on Face Time (Apple), Google Duo (Android), Skype or What’s App. You both bring your favorite coffee or tea to your best home space and then log in to meet.

By the way it’s a good conversation starter to discuss what you’re drinking as you get to know each other virtually.

Or you do a virtual Happy Hour with your favorite glass of wine. Both of these options are better than a phone call because you get to see each other. This is a great way to see each other’s body language cues.

A Different Kind of Start

If you like each other and decide to do it again, this is an opportunity to get to know someone on a whole different level than you would have in the past. You get to build a friendship first without throwing the chemistry element in too quickly.

Meeting Outside

When you’re ready to meet, you want to discuss where each of you goes everyday so you know the exposure you’ve both had.

If it’s not too cold, you can meet at a park or take a walk with masks on. And if you’re in warmer weather, you might be able to share a picnic outside staying 6 feet apart. If you like each other and want to take it to the next step without masks and social distancing, you can both get tested so you both feel safe.

Love Has Not Taken a Break

So many of my clients have found love during this time, and they are really happy. I believe that people are yearning for connection and that has made it easier to skip so much of the game playing that happened in the past.

My best advice is to give it a try. Just stay safe and have fun. You might find love with a good man, or you might find a great male friend to share virtual or real time with and who could brighten your day. How fun would that be?

What is your experience with dating in the past? Have phone calls worked for you? Do you think virtual meet-ups are better? Have you had a virtual coffee date? How did it go? Please share with our community!