Jennifer Aydins’ Silver Vanity Mirror Doing Her Makeup

Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 11 Episode 2 Decor

Thank goodness Jennifer Aydin brought her 10x magnifying silver vanity mirror with her on the girls getaway, she may have never been able to get her make-up done on time otherwise. Dolores Cantania would have been on the struggle bus too if not for Jennifer’s double sided mirror—there are just not enough bathrooms in that house for five Jersey women!

I have a mirror just like Jennifer’s but it stays in its spot on my bathroom counter as if it is fixed there permanently. I have to use it in tandem with my large bathroom mirror to do my makeup, it’s too hard for me to do a full face in just the LED vanity mirror. But then again, I rarely do a full face these days since the pandemic started. Luckily, all the women are pros and managed, as usual, to step out fresh faced and beautiful despite the lack of bathroom mirrors available.


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Jennifer Aydins' Silver Vanity Mirror Doing Her Makeup

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Teresa Giudice's Gold Vanity Mirror Doing Her Makeup

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