Kristin Cavallari’s Grey Turtleneck Sweater in Italy

Season 3 Episode 9 Very Cavallari Fashion

Love is in the air! No I’m not talking about Kristin and Jay; I’m referring to the love I have for Kristin’s grey turtleneck sweater in Italy. Though most of my closet consists of black, I am a sucker for anything grey ESPECIALLY a sweater. I don’t know why I just love them. I think a grey sweater just adds a light and warm touch to the cold and dark days of winter. Or in this case adds a light and warm touch to the love you feel while holding your gelato husband. Either way while Kristin and Jay enjoy the honeymoon phase round 2 in Italy, I will be enjoying my honeymoon phase with my grey sweater from my couch, which will also include some form interaction with gelato.


Sincerely Stylish,


Kristin Cavallari's Grey Turtleneck Sweater

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Photo Credit: @verycavallari

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