Kristin Cavallari’s Orange Leather Dress on Instagram

Very Cavallari 2020 Instagram Fashion

I’m currently feeling pretty sick—relax I’m not sick with you-know-what—I’m talking about spring fever! And I have Kristin Cavallari’s orange leather dress at the Uncommon James spring launch party to thank. Now I’m no doctor, but I think the only cure for spring fever is bed rest and shopping all the spring collections online  And nothing screams warm weather more than a solid bright color, like this orange dress. Especially when paired with some perfectly curated spring jewelry. So since I’ve now infected you all with spring fever as well (sorry) I prescribe that you shop until you drop in to your bed dream of warmer weather, like me. Doctor’s Jessica’s order!


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Kristin Cavallari's Orange Leather Dress

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Photo Credit: @kristincavallari

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