Kristin Cavallari’s White Jumpsuit in Italy

Season 3 Episode 10 Very Cavallari Fashion

Kristin Cavallari’s white jumpsuit in Italy is the epitome of cozy chic. I can think of no other outfit for the glorious occasion of a cozy breakfast outside. Kristin is always serving us class with comfort outfits and I just can never get enough! You know comfort is my #1 must in an outfit so I am always looking for comfortable things to wear while around the house relaxing without looking like a total bum.

In Kristin’s case she needs all the relaxing she can get before the “motley crew” arrives in Italy! I don’t know what lies ahead on tonight’s episode, but I’m going to guess it will include carbs, lots of wine and a ton of great outfits. Which inevitably means my night should too while I watch and find out, right?


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Kristin Cavallari's White Jumpsuit

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Photo Credit: @verycavallari


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