Kyle Richards’ Brown Leather Pouf At Her BBQ

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 10 Episode 8 Decor

Kyle Richards’ brown leather pouf (and the identical white pouf) lined her low, rustic table at the annual family BBQ. Contrary to previous years, this BBQ was fairly casual (BH casual), but only if you consider catered non-BBQ food, guests in Chanel and a plated table casual. For most of us, Kyle’s BBQ would be considered less BBQ and more of a dinner party experience.

While Kyle throws this party (at varying levels of casual) every season, there usually is more emphasis on family, as in, Kyle’s family actually attends. Nonetheless, most of the ladies brought their families, except one. I don’t think anyone really expected Denise Richards’ to bring her kids after all the drama (shhh…threesome). But our favorite Beverly Hills ladies never miss a chance to feign shock and awe, especially if it revolves around a trending topic. And let’s be real, this will be the season of the threesome—or will it? The ladies better save some shock and awe, things are just getting started.

One question still remains unanswered, what happens to all the poufs when the party is over? Mo poufs mo problems, I guess.

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Kyle Richards' Brown Leather Pouf At Her BBQ


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