Over the past year, I have been magnetically drawn to false lash strips. Pre-pandemic, I only wore false lashes on “special occasions” like birthday celebrations and vacations—both of which I haven’t taken part in what feels like forever. Wearing masks is now a part of my somewhat daily routine, so full face makeup days are few and far between—however, false lashes are the one step in my makeup routine that I lean on these days—especially now that I’ve found the Eyelure Lash Adhesive Liner Pen to review (but more on that later).

I’ve never been a pro at applying lashes, but my newfound love for them has slowly but surely improved my skills. Lashes draw attention to my eyes even without a mask on, so it only makes sense to rock them when my eyes are front and center. My natural lashes are so short and thin that they’re barely even noticeable. False lashes make me look bright-eyed, which comes in handy on both zoom calls and Trader Joe’s runs. My growing infatuation with false lashes has led me to find ways to improve my lash application process and the discovery of my beloved Eylure Line & Lash Adhesive Pen. Seriously, it was heaven-sent. Eylure was kind enough to gift me this innovative felt tip lash adhesive and eyeliner and it has helped me apply my lashes seamlessly each time I’ve used it.

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STYLECASTER | best eyeliner lash adhesive

Courtesy of Eyelure.

Eylure Line & Lash 20-in-1 Felt Tip Adhesive Eyeliner

It’s just like applying a felt tip ink eyeliner.

Buy: Eyelure Felt Tip Lash Adhesive 11.99

As I mentioned, I’m not a lash application wiz—every false lash attempt is a gamble and makes me just as nervous as the last. From applying eyeliner correctly and adequately placing the falsie to my lashline, there are many odds stacked against your lashes looking flawless. So how does it work? Put simply, the Eylure Line & Lash Adhesive Eyeliner is a felt tip pen that makes applying lashes as simple as applying eyeliner. Recently, I’ve seen some lash wearers opt to use brush-on glue as eyeliner. While this hack stems from the same school of thought as the Eylure 2-in-1 pen, the latter a less sticky alternative that’s presumably a better option to use directly on your eyelids than actual glue.

You can purchase the Eylure Line & Lash Adhesive Eyeliner on its own or with a pair of natural lashes as a set. My go-to lashes are Velour Lashes in style “She-E-O,” so naturally, I tried the adhesive with my everyday lashes. Leave bad lash applications in 2020 with just simple steps.

STYLECASTER | best eyeliner lash adhesive

Courtesy of Velour.

Velour Mink Lashes – False Eyelashes in “She-E-O”

My go-to lashes.

Buy: Velour Lashes $23

So here’s how you use the Eyelure Lash Adhesive Liner:

Line Your Lashes

It’s perfectly fine to go for a winged liner look, but I prefer to line directly along my lash line without extending into a wing. Eylure recommends applying at least three layers of eyeliner adhesive for the best results, and I concur. This will guarantee that your lash application wears all day without any mishaps.

When I applied just one glue layer, I noticed my lashes didn’t feel secure, and the gentlest tug was enough to remove my lash. When applying layers of the Eylure Line & Lash Adhesive Eyeliner, allow 10 seconds or so for the previous layer to dry down a little before applying more.

STYLECASTER | best eyeliner lash adhesive

Courtesy of Mika Robinson.

As I briefly mentioned (the photo above shows my lashes without any product on), my lashes are a bit thin and short, so I need the black liner to make the lash band less noticeable. In my opinion, the clear option is best for someone who either doesn’t care for the black liner look or has thicker natural lashes that don’t need much help concealing the lash band of falses. Both formulas work the same way—it’s all a matter of preference.

Apply your lash to the lashline directly on top of the liner.

I know it may sound too good to be true, but it’s honestly that simple. The liner + glue duo serves as a guide to help you place your lash close to perfect on the first shot. I only say “close to perfect” because I’m a big believer in there’s always room for improvement, especially with anything pertaining to makeup.

STYLECASTER | best lash adhesive liner

Courtesy of Mika Robinson.

Voila! You couldn’t ask for a more straightforward way to apply false lashes. No matter your skill level, this product should be in your stash because working smarter, not harder, is always the name of the game.

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