If you were a teenager in the ’90s, chances are you gave the “Rachel” haircut a try. Jennifer Aniston’s iconic hairstyle from Friends was the trending look for more than a few years. It seems even Mariah Carey rocked the “Rachel” haircut. “A sad attempt at the Rachel hairdo,” the singer wrote on Instagram, sharing an adorable stage photo from the ’90s. “Sad?” Where?!

Carey could not look better with curled-under layers and a chic black headband. Her black-and-white tank dress is peak ’90s, as well. The “Rachel” haircut generally has a ton of bouncy layers that give the whole hairstyle a bit of a square shape. Carey’s hair is a bit longer with less volume on the sides so hers is a more low-key version of the trend. We absolutely love it and we aren’t the only ones.

Carey’s celebrity friends and fans are going crazy for the throwback photo. It evokes so much nostaglia.

Instagram PhotoSource: Instagram

Rachel Greene herself commented, “LOVE IT” with a fire emoji so that basically solidifies it. “Nailed it!!!” wrote Kerry Washington, who for sure had a similar style back in the day. The girl never gets any hairstyle wrong. “SAD? this one of my favorite hair looks!” sad a fan. And we couldn’t agree more.

Over on Twitter, fans shared even more iconic Mariah Carey looks.


You’re probably already following the singer on Instagram but you should definitely follow her on Twitter, too—especially during Pride month. Her fans have been posting photos with her Pride merch and Carey responds in the cutest way possible. She’s not called an icon or nothing.

Though Y2K styles are trending a bit more than ’90s ones are right now, the Rachel haircut will always be a good throwback to try since choppy layers are back in a big way.

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