If you want a super natural look, you don’t reach for metallic eyeshadows. But if you want to turn heads or post a smoldering selfie, you reach for your bronze, gold, brown and gray eyeshadow palettes. As a species, we are drawn, much like Magpies, to shiny and glittery objects. When you scroll down and see the shimmery palettes we’ve selected, it might be hard to resist. Your eyes just lap up those decadent colors. We associate metallics with wealth and glamour, so why wouldn’t you want to wear that on your lids? You can transform into a Hollywood-inspired glamazon or look like you’ve been through a futuristic post-apocalyptic battle—in a cool way—with an intense smokey eye while rocking all black. Wearing metallic shadows can also give you a bit of an edgy look. 

When searching for the perfect metallic shadow, it should be long-lasting and all of the shades should be highly pigmented. High pigment means that the colors are more concentrated, so you have a stronger, more saturated eyeshadow. You won’t have to swipe on 10 layers for your eyeshadow to be noticeable. You should just need one, two or maybe three, depending on how intense you want your look to be, and be ready to go. We found the best metallic eyeshadows that are highly pigmented and come in a wide range of colors, from your signature gray to a metallic green. Check out our options below.