Sunscreen is arguably the non-negotiable skincare product that pretty much every dermatologist will tell you is an absolute must. Aside from SPF’s beauty benefits (it protects your skin from the sun’s wrinkle-inducing rays and offers defense against free radical damage), you probably already know just how important it is for the purpose of preventing life-threatening forms of skin cancer as well. Unfortunately, finding a matte sunscreen for oily skin types isn’t exactly an easy feat.

While I recognize that a good sunscreen is paramount when it comes to preventative skincare and my overall health, I also happen to have very oily skin that tends to react rather poorly (a.k.a. looks like an absolute oil slick) with many sunscreen formulas — both mineral and chemical. However, just like it’s important to moisturize even the oiliest of skin types, it’s equally — if not more — vital to protecting shine-prone skin with SPF, regardless of what season it happens to be. On that note, yes, you can even get a sunburn even when it’s grey and gloomy out, so there’s no excuse to skip this step based on the weather.

I’ve tested out a number of different sunscreens, and I’ve found that even some of the formulas dubbed “oil-free” can leave me feeling greasy, with extra-clogged pores and a breakout to boot. So, after years of trial and error, I’ve found a few oily-girl-approved products that work for me, and will likely work for those with blemish-prone skin as well. Not only are these matte formulas great for keeping excess shine under control throughout the day, but I also find that they sit so much better under my foundation, and don’t cause it to pill up or leave me with a slip-and-slide situation after application.