Sure, laid-back beach waves are supposed to look effortless, but unless you’re blessed with naturally tousled surfer-girl hair, they’re actually pretty difficult to achieve. Going on with a barrel curling iron hot rollers will leave you with a vibe that’s a little too polished and refined, but sleeping with braided damp hair tends to yield hit-or-miss results at best. The best way to get that coveted textural bed-head vibe is using a sea salt hair spray with a bit of scrunching motions to get the piece-y, lived-in look without damaging your hair with heat styling tools.

Sea salt texturizing sprays often get a bad rep for being sticky and leaving your look feeling hard and crunchy, but as is always the case, not all formulas are created equal. In fact, there are plenty of hydrating, sea salt sprays that leave your locks feeling touchable, yet defined. You can use these products on dry hair for a subtle effect, or apply the formula to damp hair and use a diffuser on low heat for a more voluminous effect. Below, check out our favorite texturizing sea salt sprays to get the alluring, low-maintenance look.