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If you’re behind on trying the latest trendy skincare tools, the upcoming weeks are your opportunity to change that. Amazon has discounted countless products for its Black Friday sale, such as the top-selling Beauty Bar 24k Golden Facial Massager. Considering this is the lowest price we’ve seen it at all year (including Prime Day), we recommend snatching this one up while it’s a on sale for just $11.

The skin-tightening tool is sure to put thoughts of botox on the back burner; the product is built to make your face look younger and fresher without chemicals or irritation. It helps boost elasticity across sagging skin, soften fine lines and wrinkles and relieve any strain or pressure across the face. 

Beauty Bar 24k Golden Facial Massager

Courtesy of Amazon

Beauty Bar 24k Golden Facial Massager

According to one user, you’ll witness “huge changes” fairly quickly. “I’m 45, fine lines around my jaw, neck and forehead. There’s a deeper crease between my eyes and I’ve had a really bad break out of hormonal acne along my jawline. Well the fine lines are less noticeable, the deep crease is less for sure and my acne is almost 100% gone. In just 4 days. The redness and uneven skin tone is gone. My skin is much tighter and the puffiness under my eyes is gone along with the dark circles. Seriously in 4 days!!”

Even more fans of the product have not held back their praise: “It’s like my facial skin shrunk and pulled back—nothing short of amazing. The new wave of skin care is taking things into your own hands at home and if you’re a do-it-yourself kind of girl, definitely get this one.” 

If you already have your skincare routine down, this tool is the perfect addition to use alongside your go-to serums, oils and lotions. As another reviewer noted, “I have been using this roller along with my usual face cream EVERY DAY twice a day for a month. I have seen a huge difference on my face. My skin is always glowy and my face looks even more slender now. I really have a more [youthful] look.”

Beyond providing anti-aging benefits, reviewers have also commented on its multifaceted functions, including migraine relief, dark circle reduction, sinus drainage and of course just the pure unadulterated pleasure of a de-stressing face massage. 

On top of all of that, its gold exterior and 24k face bar is a pretty cute addition to your makeup bag. The T-shape is designed for 6000 vib/min which users have noted is not too strong to make it uncomfortable for the face. 

Oh and in case you needed any more convincing, Tracee Ellis Ross also swears by massaging tools for tense muscles and early mornings. So the real question is, who wouldn’t want to look like Tracee Ellis Ross? 

Snatch up the Beauty Bar 24k Golden Facial Massager with over 2,000 five-star ratings while it’s 20 percent off following Prime Day. Just make sure you’re signed up for a Prime Membership to take advantage of all these limited-time offers.

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