Smudged eye makeup is one of the most embarrassing beauty blunders to deal with, and whether you’re planning on watching a tear-jerker, attending an all-day music festival or are heading to a sweaty Soul Cycle session, opting for a quality waterproof mascara is your best bet when it comes to avoiding the dreaded raccoon eye look. I personally wear a waterproof formula every day—regardless of whether or not I foresee water, swear, raindrops, or runny eyes on the horizon for that day. Frankly, I find that they not only don’t end up under your eyes after a couple of hours, but they also tend to have a drier consistency which allows me to define, lengthen and sculpt my lashes without them becoming clumpy, spidery or overly separated.

In other words, waterproof mascaras tend to be more forgiving if you’re like me and love to apply layer upon layer to refine and customize your lash look (I call this the architecture lash method, by the way). Regardless of how much mascara you like to apply, waterproof formulas are essential to at least, have at your disposal when you know you’ll be in contact with moisture, tears or excess sweat—regardless of whether you choose to wear it every day or for those special occasions.