If you want to rock some longer lashes without shelling out for eyelash extensions, there are some mascaras on the market that give you that length that you want. So put the lash glue down. There’s a more natural way to get well-defined, long lashes. We picked out three mascaras that will help give you the look that you want. These mascaras were specifically designed to add length to your lashes. We’re not entirely sure how they do it, but one of our picks claims to make your lashes 70 percent longer. You just have to put on a coat or two, and you’ll be on your way. You don’t have to invest in magnetic lashes or go and get extensions put on. 

The best lengthening mascaras have a few things in common. They’re high-pigment, so they create a contrast and make sure that your eyelashes stand out. It’s also no good if you’ve got really long lashes, but they come out all uneven and clump-y. These mascaras go on smoothly and have minimal clumping. One of our choices is double-sided and has a lash comb on one side to make sure that your lashes are super separated. The more separated they are, the more defined and longer they’ll look. You only want the best for your lashes, because what use is putting another coat of mascara on if it isn’t doing you any favors?